Monday, November 22, 2010

Dominance War V

Well you don't have to join CGhub's team(I will. However for those unaware there is a global CG artist competition going that everyone can compete in. However I warn you if you join up and compete don't bring your A game, bring your AAA Game because you'll be competing against people who produce Triple A quality work. This competition is annual and usually sponsered by big companies such as Blizzard, Bioware, gameartisans, etc. The prizes are big and it's a media covered event as well considered to be the olympics of CG artists. I encourage everyone who wants to make a name for themself to get involved, because even if you don't win you people do watch this compeition and as they say "you never know whos watching".

Currently the event is in the "warm-up" stage. involving the creation of MMO class concepts. I could easily fill this entire page with information, but that would be rude. So I'll simply say for more information either click the image above or go here:

Blindrat Studios

I kept forgetting to do this sorry. here is a screencap of my website, I've learned a few more tricks and experimented a bit with a few alternate layouts, but this served as a good stomping ground for me. I decided against uploading it to my host. However I'll be posting screencaps of the new portfolio later in the week.

(i hate macs....grrrrrrr)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Smashing Magazine Presentation

Here is a link to smashing magazine. The rest of the links from my presentation are on

Jessica's online portfolio

Presentation on Web Comics

LinkIf you can find the first web comic Witches and Stiches would be great because I also want to see it.

Links to my presentations: Acton
For diesel sweeties you can look on these specific faces to see famous faces:
Barack Obama: 1685
Ozzy Osbourne: 154
Arnold S. 748
Richard Stevens: 1525,805,1806

Thursday, November 11, 2010

"This Is Not A Show"

Last Friday night, I had the chance to visit Professor Ca├žoilo at her _gaia Studios to view her exhibit entitled "This Is Not A Show." I created a post on my blog about the evening so when you guys have a chance, please feel free to come on by.

No complete yet...
it was such a challenge to get my lightbox working and it doesn't look perfect but I am determined to get it where I want it to be eventually !! But for now i got my portfolio done for now until I get through with the second edition enjoy!

magmal design

 magmaldesign (Magdalena Malachowska) is the name of my portfolio site. My idea was to get clean and simple design which would reflect my personal style.

My Super-Duper-Awesome-Website and Presentation

Hey, waddup - its the Mac-attack!!

Here's the artist, I'm presenting on - Karl Kerschl, author of the webcomic "the Abominable Charles Christopher". Follow it on this link

Here's some interviews:

In addition, here's also a screenshot of WIP website:

Like I said before its a WIP. There are small edits I need to make but overall I am very
pleased with the way my website came out: It was frustrating and very tedious but
I am very happy with the way it came out and I hope to keep polishing my css. editing skills
and help make my website truly stand out.


My Portfolio

This is my portfolio site. I wanted to keep the layout of the website simple, and put more emphasis on my works- which are in two categories: graphics and illustrations.

I like to describe a lot of my work as "kitsch with a stick up it's butt".  I always employ a strict grid in my composition, however, the content that I design often times has a hello kitty meets precious moments kind of aesthetic.  I really enjoy this juxtaposition.   

For my portfolio design, I first and foremost, wanted this website to represent this part of me so I naturally gravitated towards the "crotchety kitsch" that I use in a lot of my work.  You can see how stringently I used a grid to layout the elements of my website but the colors are very fun and little kid-like.  The cherry on top of all of this rediculosity is the world's most awesome cat dreaming about rainbow cake (which is very delicious so who wouldn't want to dream about it all day every day) and cursing. is a portfolio website. The main intention of the website is to highlight my graphic work rather than the website itself. This is the reason why all I worked in a two lines grids with white tables. I was influenced by Jeffrey Zeldman who uses the same layout for his website. I am working on my wordpress blog which will replace the existing one.


Howdy. Below is a link to my initial portfolio site. This is a work in progress and in due time, will look much different from what it is now. Hopefully. Thanks for looking.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sketchbook Tour 2011

This isnt directly related to web design, but i thought it was a pretty cool project nonetheless so I figured I'd share it with you all. As artists and designers, we've all at some point used a sketchbook so here's your chance to get your work seen and eventually become part of a permanent exhibit at the Brooklyn Art Library. For more information, visit the website below. The deadline for signups is November 15, 2010. Enjoy.

Sketchbook Project 2011


Helpful links from class 11/4

Css tutorial

More tutorials from TutVid

50+ Free photo galleries

w3schools css reference


Came across this site the other day and it kinda relates to the project we just finished. In case any of you were wondering what our President has been doing since being elected, this site is for you.

Design Your Own Foodtruck

Im extremely late in getting this in, but this is my contribution to the non-linear web design project.  The site is hosted on my server so you can all enjoy or not enjoy it at your leisure. Thanks.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Magnum versus Getty images - my speech sometime ago

Hi guys,
sometime ago, I posted on delicious my talk about Magnum versus Getty images, in case someone did not see it, here is the website: &
See you tomorrow

Presentation Info.

Here is a link to webkinz.....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Looking for a webhost...

I'm looking around for a good webhost and I'm curious as to any recommendations. Current;y I';m leaning toward fatcow(I like cows), but if anyone has a host they feel is a better choice feel free to shout em out!