Thursday, September 9, 2010

Presentation Schedule

9/16 Ellis [Interactive Media and Commercial Applications - video games and music players. Artists discussed will include: Ronald Davis, Toshio Iwai, Yuri Oni ---- Barbarian Group]

9/23 Rajah
The Hundreds & Johnny Cupcakes - streetwear companies that use online interactive technologies to reach out to and maintain a customer base.

9/30 Jessica - Christina Philippides- Creator of Webkinz

10/7 Pavlina - documentary photography and the web: archives, portfolios, hosting, exhibition, etc.

10/14 Magdalena - Jason Santa Maria

10/21 Robert - Khoi Vinh
10/28 Jeffrey - Jeffrey Zeldman

11/4 Carlos - Todd Garland - BuySellAds
11/11 Julissa - Webcomics:Bear Nuts by Alison Acton & Globins
11/18 Emerald - Smashing Magazine: Vitaly Friedman, Sven Lennartz
12/2 Charlotte - Raphael Rozendaal

Joshua Davis
Catarina Fake - Flickr
Khoi Vinh - NY Times
Future Farmers
Mina Trott
John Maeda

Web Comics: Exploding Dog, Diesel Sweeties
Net Art: Jodi, FFFFAT

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