Thursday, November 11, 2010

I like to describe a lot of my work as "kitsch with a stick up it's butt".  I always employ a strict grid in my composition, however, the content that I design often times has a hello kitty meets precious moments kind of aesthetic.  I really enjoy this juxtaposition.   

For my portfolio design, I first and foremost, wanted this website to represent this part of me so I naturally gravitated towards the "crotchety kitsch" that I use in a lot of my work.  You can see how stringently I used a grid to layout the elements of my website but the colors are very fun and little kid-like.  The cherry on top of all of this rediculosity is the world's most awesome cat dreaming about rainbow cake (which is very delicious so who wouldn't want to dream about it all day every day) and cursing.

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